Cora's Harness

My expectation with these pages is to provide insight and experience as to what we have found works in our particular situation, dealing with a GSD that "has" DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), with the hopes that it may provide help forthose of you having to explore ways to fulfill long lives and enjoyment with your afflicted dogs. I also say "has" because DM is a diagnosis by process of elimination, and sometimes the process of elimination is more invasive and uncomfortable than dealing with possible DM head-on. That said, I will provide images, links, and directions to help you in your support of your companion.

We found for our needs, and for the size of our dog, that the Helpemup Harness by Blue Dog Designs out of Denver, Colorado, was the best decision for the money, and would provide near term and long term benefits. Already knowing that we were going to be building our own cart also gave us the opportunity to look at how we could attach the cart to the harness down the road, and support that second requirement. So far, it has worked and we haven't been disappointed.

Cora and one view of her harness
Cora and another view of her harness

I have also found it better to wear a leather glove (in my case a horseman's glove) as Cora's weight and the constant washing and drying began taking a toll on my hands, particularly the baby finger. Drying and cracking of the skin became a problem, and the baby finger has shown a bit of numbness. Wearing the glove has helped tremendously.

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